How do you become a Billionaire? You must be a very able man, as nearly all billionaires are. You must devote your life to the getting and keeping of other men’s earnings. You must eat the bread of carefulness; and you must rise early, and lie down late.

You must care little or nothing about other people’s wants or sufferings or disappointments. You must not mind that your great wealth involves many others poverty. You must not give away money except for a material equivalent.

You must not go meandering about Nature, nor spend your time enjoying air, earth, sky, and water; for there is no money in it. You must not distract your thoughts from the great purpose of your life with the charms of art and literature. You must not let philosophy or religion engross you during the secular time.

You must not allow your wife or children to occupy much of your valuable time or thoughts. You must never permit the fascinations of friendship to tempt you into making loans, however small.

You must abandon all other ambitions or purpose; and, finally, you must be prepared to sacrifice ease, and all fanciful notions you may have about tastes and luxuries and enjoyments during most if not all of your natural life. If you think the game is worth the prize, you can die rich – some of you.