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Beautifully restored map of Iowa City, Iowa from 1854

It has a high, beautiful and very healthy location upon the Iowa River, which is a bold deep stream of clear water, navigable with Steamboats during several months of each year, and commands the growing trade of a large scope of exceedingly fertile country, well timbered and watered.

The Definition and Importance of Perseverance

The successful man is not the man who works by fits and starts, but he who keeps constantly and quietly on his way, with his purpose like a guiding star ever in view. To be sure you are right, and then go ahead, and keep going ahead, is the true spirit.

How a 14th Century Warlord Gained Courage from an Ant

Timur, the last great nomadic conqueror of the Eurasian Steppe, was a warlord who envisioned the restoration of Genghis Khan’s Mongol Empire. Timur’s army was feared throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe, but his extraordinary perseverance, displayed during fifty years of continuous battles, was imparted by an ant.


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