5 Secrets OF J.P. Morgan’s Success

  1. Honesty of purpose
  2. Energy
  3. Confident judgement
  4. Knowledge of men and values
  5. The ability to construct and harmonize


“No general formula for the successful accomplishment of all things by all persons can, in my judgment, be made. Men differ; so do conditions.

In all large permanent successes, however, certain elements are plainly discernible. Foremost about these I should place honesty of purpose, energy, confident judgment, knowledge of men and values, and the ability to construct and harmonize.

But above and beyond these is the man himself – a force that oftentimes outweighs any mere catalogue of qualifications. Energy may fail, judgment may fail, or any other of the special qualities referred to may fail, but the man himself comes to the rescue.”

J.P. MorganLeaders of Men, or Types and Principles of Success