Good is constructive, evil is destructive. Good elevates, encourages, and sustains; evil saddens, enslaves, and kills. Good builds churches, hospitals, monuments, cathedrals; evil sets up saloons, gambling-houses, and dens of sin. Good paints great pictures, carves noble statues, and designs lofty architecture; evil darkens and blasts men’s lives.

Good produces the greatest statesmen, prophets, preachers, poets, and philanthropists; evil makes drunkards, thieves, murderers, and social degenerates. Good inspires faith, integrity, love, and truth; evil produces suspicion, dishonesty, hate, and falsehood. Good is eternal and indestructible; evil is temporary and self-annihilating.

Good is of God, since God is good.

SourceGrenville Kleiser, Inspiration and Ideals [Free]
Image: Nick Kenrick