Boys filling buckets of water at Columbus fountain in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Columbus fountain was the place where the great discoverer, Christopher Columbus, first quenched his thirst after arriving in Puerto Rico.

More Pictures of Puerto Rico!

A sugar workers lunch consisted of rice, beans and papaya

In Guanica, Puerto Rico this was the standard lunch of a plantation worker.

Boys eating sugarcane in a small fishing village of Puerto Real

Boys eating sugarcane in the small fishing village of Puerto Real, Puerto Rico.

A “majordomo” (foreman) on a sugar plantation. Manati, P.R.

A “majordomo” (foreman) on a sugar plantation in Manati, Puerto Rico.

Woman in front of her house in Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Woman in front of her home in Santurce that she was being forced to abandon.

An Upper Class Home in the Suburbs of Puerto Rico, 1890

An upper class Puerto Rican home with palm trees in the front yard.