Boys filling buckets of water at Columbus fountain in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Columbus fountain was the place where the great discoverer, Christopher Columbus, first quenched his thirst after arriving in Puerto Rico.

More Pictures of Puerto Rico!

An Upper Class Home in the Suburbs of Puerto Rico, 1890

An upper class Puerto Rican home with palm trees in the front yard.

A family in the doorway of their home in Santurce, Puerto Rico

A family in the house they will soon be forced to abandon in Santurce, PR.

Puerto Rican Mailman Delivering Mail by Horseback, 1880

Puerto Rican mail carrier on horseback waits to pick up mail at a post office.

Boys eating sugarcane in a small fishing village of Puerto Real

Boys eating sugarcane in the small fishing village of Puerto Real, Puerto Rico.

5 Beautiful Old Pictures of Corozal, Puerto Rico

“Corozaleños” will definitely recognize the beautiful hills and scenery in these pictures.

Burning a sugar cane field in Guanica, Puerto Rico. 1942

This is a process that destroys the leaves and makes sugar cane easier to harvest.