We are all on Life’s Stairway, going up or down, all going somewhere. And the people! Some are ascending, their faces radiant with sunshine. Many others are climbing with faltering steps and trembling hearts.

There are faces of frightened seriousness, and strong, honest faces that inspire the weaker ones. So many people need helping up!

What a thrilling spectacle, a never-ending panorama of human beings traveling toward destiny! See those coming down! A boisterous, careless, wild eyed throng of pleasure-seeking, self-loving men and women. How fast they go! Two steps at a time and more—some are literally falling down! Heedless, dissipated, selfish, ignorant, a seething crowd of unfortunate human beings traveling toward destiny! Help remind them of love, hard work, compassion.

Avoid wasting energy and effort on yourself.

Help others up life’s stairway!