DWELL upon thoughts of what you really want in your life.

Health, vitality, wisdom, peace, confidence, hope, friendship, harmony, independence, serenity, cheerfulness, happiness, success, culture, and righteousness. Continuously fill your mind with these subjects. Dwelling upon them often and intently tends to make them concrete in your life.

Waste no time thinking of things you do not want. Do not worry about things you do not need. The power is yours to choose the ideals that fill and govern your mental life. When your mind is right your life will be right.

Think optimistically and constructively. If anything seems to be wrong, take a quick walk in the open air, breathe deeply, and affirm uplifting thoughts of ambition, strength, and prosperity. Cultivate the company of happy people. Read only pleasant subjects. Look for the best and highest things in life, and resolve to be an intelligent optimist.

Health, happiness, and prosperity are primarily mental. Repeated positive affirmations ultimately produce positive conditions in your life. All positive thought emanates from God. Open your mind to Good and it will fill your life. The present moment is the time to take God’s truth as it is offered to you, and to use it for your immediate growth and advancement.

ImageRomain Toornier (CC BY-SA 2.0)