On AskReddit, someone asked the question, “Casino dealers of reddit, what’s the most money you’ve seen someone lose and what was the aftermath? Here we have eleven of their stories describing the worst casino losses of all time.

#1 – $10 million over three weeks

“I worked in a large casino NOT in America. We had a lot of Asian clientele in our VIP room. Once had a guy betting $600k PER HAND on Baccarat. He ended up a few million and was sharing it around the group of women/escorts around him.

The most I’ve seen lost is ten million in three weeks. He had the room booked for a month so he made his bag man fly back to Thailand to get more money. Nothing was transferred. All cash.”

#2 – $9 million in one night

“Multiple times per week we get high rollers in who win or lose over $1 million. The most I ever saw a person lose was about $9 million in one night. While that may seem like an obscene amount of money to you or I, that’s what he budgeted himself to gamble that trip.

He came knowing he may lose $9 million. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t happy, but he didn’t lose his mind, or freak out or anything like that.”

#3 – $720,000 in five hours

“A few weeks after he was caught, he came to our Casino with 4 brief cases of $250,000 each and said “I’m not leaving until the sign outside says ‘(insert players name) Casino'”. Super upbeat and happy guy. Really nice to the dealers. After 5 hours, my shift was over and he was down $720,000.”

#4 – $320,000 in 25 minutes

“A few years back I saw a big player lose $320,000 in 25 minutes. He had just sat down with three full racks of $1000 checks (chips).

A rack holds 5 stacks of 20 checks, so each of these racks held $100,000 in checks. I was on my way to a 20 minute break as he was just getting started.

As I returned to the floor, I noticed that he now only had two rows of checks left ($40,000). Five minutes later, my friend who was in the section where this player was playing informed me that he had lost the last $40,000, re-bought for $20,000 and then lost that in a matter of minutes.

This is a player who get whatever he wants. We don’t do bottle service at our tables at my casino, but this player will have a bottle of wine sent to his game.

He, obviously, will have a reserved table waiting for him when he arrives and will get his choice in dealer as well.

He doesn’t like to talk to the dealer or supervisor and no other guests are allowed to watch him play. He will have multiple filet mignon meals waiting for him, to go, upon his departure. He has his own parking space near the front doors… like an actual spot with his initials that nobody else can use.

Losing that amount of money didn’t seem to phase him and I’ve seen him back many times since.”

#5 – $2,200,000 loss ended in suicide

“The house lost $3 million in an hour to this player, and then they won $5.2 million back from him over the next six hours. The player slowly lost all his gains and an additional $2.2 million to the casino.

He hanged himself in the suite that night. Word had it that he was on the verge of bankruptcy and this was his final resort.” (The dealer quit after this incident.)

#6 – $20,000 profit turns into a $5,000 loss

“When I was a croupier I was dealing roulette. Guy was up around $20,000. By the time I had finished with him he had lost that and spent another $5,000. He wasn’t very happy.”

#7 – $209,000 blackjack loss

“I tap onto my blackjack game and this guy I’m dealing to tells me he is already down around $100k. He’s a white guy, mid 50’s or so, wearing a tacky plaid suit. He was betting $500-$1k a hand, two hands every time.

Over about 4 hours the guy floats between my table and the one next to me buying in $10k at a time. I gave him one good shoe the whole night so I was busting his head essentially the whole time.

A couple times it took longer for me to count his buy in than for me to put it in my rack. Shit, there were so many 100 dollar bills in my money box it was getting tough to put the paddle in it. My floor tells me after he leaves that he lost $209k after it was all said and done.

He treated it like how I would treat losing one grand maybe. He wasn’t happy but he seemed like he could shrug it off. My floor was like “yea, I could pay off my entire mortgage with what he just lost”. I died a little inside that day but it’s not my money after all.”

#8 – $10,000 and a divorce

“One night a guy going through a divorce came in and lost 10k. Then he stormed out and wanted to kill himself so he drove his car into the side of the building hitting some sort of power box cutting out the power to the casino for a few minutes.

He was mostly unharmed from the accident but got sued by the casino.”

#9 – $19 million on Baccaratt

“The most I have ever seen anyone lose was this Malaysian guy I was dealing to in one of our private rooms that was actually connected to his pent house suite in our 5 star hotel. He came to the table straight out of bed still in his pajamas. He gulps down a cup of ginseng tea and slams $500k on the table, loses. Another bet, this time $600k, loses again.

Three more hands continued the same way until he reduced his bet to $300k and he finally wins one hand. He is furious that he lost all his big bets and his only win was his “small” bet. Because of this I got kicked out from the room and another dealer waiting outside for this exact reason comes to the table and replaces me.

The player ended that day with a total loss of $9 million. He was staying at our casino for one week and the next day I heard he lost another $10m. The next few days he was up and down but he did not come anywhere close to chasing back his losses. Since that trip from what I have heard he hasn’t been back to our casino.”

#10 – Losing $20 million on $600,000 hands of Blackjack

“A guy lost approximately $20 million over a night by betting $600,000 a hand. He was frustrated but never got angry at the staff. Meanwhile on the main floor, you get called a cunt when someone loses $10.”

#11 – The college kid who lost everything

“A college kid bet his entire net worth on a hand of blackjack on graduation weekend with his friends watching. It was under $15k, but it was literally every cent the kid had. The kid was dealt a 20 and the dealer had a 3. The dealer then drew six more cards and got a 21.

The kid puked everywhere.”

Let’s end with a nice story involving mermaids…

“I was on a $2 table with three friends and a guy sat down and started betting 25k a hand. Bosses came over and asked if we wanted to change tables etc. Nope!

So the table gets hot and we all start winning. I mean like 15 of 20 hands we win. The whole table is yelling and screaming. I’m up around $500 or so playing $10 a whack.

So we get up to leave for our show and the dude fucking freaks out. “You aren’t leaving!” He asks how much our tickets were and then hands us each $500. (We had to stand up and walk away from the table for second to get the chips). Pit boss is still cool with it so we keep going.

The dude rolls out (leaves) with just over a million in chips when we get done. He started with $200k. I’m sitting at $3,000. My friends are all above me by betting stronger. So we finish up and they guy goes “the nights on me. Let’s go!” We hop in his hummer limo and hit the strip clubs. Got home at 10 am the next day.

Best night ever! Oh yeah, we had lobster for breakfast at MGM.

In the pool. Served by mermaids.”

So there you have it. Apparently there are a lot of people out there who gamble more in a few minutes than some people make in their entire life. Be sure to share these gambling stories with all your friends who complain after losing $20 over the course of a few hours.