“Our will to act becomes vigorous in proportion to the frequency and definiteness of our actions, and the brain grows to its exercise. Then truly it implements faith.

When we let a resolution or a fine emotion dissipate without results, it means more than lost opportunity; it actually retards the fulfillment of future purposes and chills sensibility. There is plenty of courage among us for the abstract but not enough for the concrete, because we allow our daily bits of bravery to evaporate.”

Meaning: The more you act on your ideas, the more confident you become. Your brain strengthens with use, and taking action exercises the faith you have in yourself. You are capable of bringing ideas from your mind into reality, but it is only with practice that you refine that ability. Following through on your ideas and bringing thoughts into existence is the most important skill on Earth. Practice it; Take action. Whether the idea fails or succeeds, you learn something new every time you try.

Source: Dale Carnegie’s Scrapbook – a Treasury of the Wisdom of the Ages