1. Be strong and true,
  2. Be generous in praise and appreciative of others;
  3. Assume worthy motives even from enemies;
  4. Give without expectation of return;
  5. Practice humility, tolerance, and self-restraint;
  6. Make the best use of time and opportunity;
  7. Keep the mind pure and your judgment charitable;
  8. Extend intelligent sympathy to those in distress;
  9. Cultivate quietness and nonresistance;
  10. Speak little and listen much;
  11. Always adhere to a high standard of thought, purpose, and conduct;
  12. Grow in grace, goodness, and gratitude;
  13. Seek truth and righteousness;
  14. Work, love, pray, and serve daily;
  15. Aspire greatly, labor cheerfully, and take God at His word – this is to travel heavenward.

Image: Matthias Bachmann
Inspiration: Grenville Kleiser, Inspiration and Ideals [Free]