I have found that if I have faith in myself and in the idea I am tinkering with, I usually win out.

– Charles F. Kettering

Beautifully restored map of Spring City, PA from 1893

Bird’s eye view of Spring City, PA in 1893

Historic landowners map of Berlin, CT from 1869

Vintage landowners map shows Berlin, Connecticut as it used to be

A typical Long Island duck farm, Long Island, N. Y.

Long Island was once home to a thriving industry of duck farming, with more…

The Vermont State Fair in 1941

Take a trip back in time to the 1941 Vermont State Fair! Bear wrestling, girls and more!

Amazing Vintage Map of Manchester, CT in 1880

This map shows Manchester, Connecticut as it looked in 1880, including the NY and New England Railroad Station

Begin each day with good intentions, and apply yourself…

Right desires and aspirations bring increased happiness. When you begin the day with…