I have found that if I have faith in myself and in the idea I am tinkering with, I usually win out.

– Charles F. Kettering

Beautifully restored map of Townsend Center, MA from 1889

Detailed bird’s eye view of Townsend Center, MA in 1889

15 amazing old pictures of Portsmouth NH from 1905

This series of old pictures shows Portsmouth New Hampshire and the surrounding areas…

The Power of Organization

There is a power that wields, unites and forces together, overwhelms and crushes…

What Is A Friend?

Two men were talking about friendship, and one of them had praised Emerson’s splendid…

Historic bird’s eye view of Fostoria, Ohio from 1872

Historic bird’s eye view of Fostoria, OH from 1872

Learn from Every Person You Meet

EDUCATION is not mere book-leaning, but the culture of mind and heart.

4 vintage images of Savin Rock Amusement Park in West Haven

Savin Rock was an amusement park in West Haven, Connecticut that operated from the 1870’s – 1966.