A Great Book is a Great Evil

This saying was common among the Grecians, and is true to a certain degree, in all ages of the world since the publication of books; especially of the present, which is an age characterized for the multiplicity of its book, and the sheer volume of information rather than the amount of knowledge contained in them.

The mind is so constituted that it cannot, either with profit or pleasure, dwell a long time upon one subject. It naturally seeks with eagerness something new. Hence, if we read or peruse a large volume, we soon become tired and bored at its contents, and soon throw it aside before it is finished, without having understood the purpose of the writer. Among all the long books we can find, there are few, if any, where the same idea could not be expressed in a shorter and more concise manner.

The last reason, and by no means the least important, is that time is too precious to be wasted; especially in the present age, where so many new subjects and ideas are presented that claim our attention, and overly long books distracts us from other great texts.

Hand colored map of Bristol, Connecticut from 1893

Click here to see what Bristol looked like more than 100 years ago!

Step Back in Time with Beautifully Restored Map of Des Moines, Iowa from 1868

Explore the streets and landmarks of Des Moines as they appeared in 1868. This meticulously restored map by A. Ruger showcases the city’s early development, including the Capitol, schools, churches, and transportation hubs.

What Makes Happiness?

WHAT MAKES HAPPINESS, by David Van Bush He had houses and acres, and coffers of gold Aye, the wealth of a Croesus, immense and untold, But I noticed a hitch in his walk. The yachts, cars, and jewels his money had gained Were but baubles that sated as soon as obtained,...

Beautifully restored map of Jacksonville, Florida from 1876

Historic bird’s eye view of Jacksonville, Florida in 1876

Esotericism: Secret knowledge shared with the few

Esotericism is a twofold philosophy, one secret and sacred, another public and common.

Amazing map of Texas from the Centennial Exposition in 1936

The Centennial Exposition celebrated the 100th anniversary of Texas’s independence from Mexico in 1836.

Beautifully detailed map of Palatka, Florida from 1884

Historic bird’s eye view of Palatka, Florida from 1884

Colorized and Restored Map of Ann Arbor, Michigan from 1880

Historic bird’s eye view of Ann Arbor, Michigan from 1880