I AM the secret of health and happiness. I am the inspiration of youth and the solace of old age. I am always available. I am invincible and eternal. I am the antidote for crime, poverty, cruelty and fear. I am the conqueror of disease, despotism, and despair. I am the healer of hatred, sin, and injustice.

I am the co-partner of truth and righteousness. I am the remedy for the world’s wants, wars, and woes. I am the builder of churches, chapels, and cathedrals. I am the guide of preachers, prophets, and poets. I am the creator of lofty music, pictures, and architecture. I am the handservant of faith, mercy, and charity. I am the fulfilling of the law. I am the greatest thing in the world. I AM LOVE.

Source: Inspiration and Ideals by Grenville Kleiser
Cover imageSarah Buckley (CC BY 2.0)