Ulysses S. Grant from West Point to Appomattox is an engraving that was created in 1885 by Thure de Thulstrup to commemorate Grant’s achievements after his death. The original engraving can be found at the Library of Congress.

The picture shows a half-length portrait of Ulysses S. Grant surrounded by nine scenes showing the progression of his career, beginning at his West Point graduation in 1843 and finishing with Robert E. Lee’s surrender in 1865.

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Clockwise from lower left the scenes show:

  • 1843: Grant graduates West Point
  • 1847: In the tower at Chapultepec
  • 1861: Drilling his Volunteers
  • 1862: Fort Donelson
  • 1862: The Battle of Shiloh
  • 1863: The Siege of Vicksburg
  • 1863: The Battle of Chattanooga
  • 1864: Commander-in-Chief
  • 1865: The Surrender of Gen. Lee

This engraving was created in 1878 and is now in the public domain. You’re free to download, share, and print it. If you would like a copy of this image, click here to get the highest quality print available.