Among our greatest teachers are failure and success, but of the two, failure is greatest. Failure exposes mistakes, encourages improvement, and reveals new paths toward success. Do not let failure keep you down. Man’s greatness is revealed when he rises up out of failure more hopeful and more determined than ever to reach his goal.

Without adversity no one can expect to wear a crown, nor gain any glory, nor attain any true happiness. Defeat to the man determined to win is but education, for every time he is defeated he comes up all the stronger, learning from past failures and bitter experience how to gain victory. If you have failed time and time again, say to yourself,

I am still a king – nothing is going to keep me off my feet. No matter how often and repeated my failures may be, I shall rise up out of misfortune all the more determined to win. Failures have no terrors for me; they strengthen rather than weaken me, and give me more confidence than ever of meeting success.

Victory belongs to the wise; those who persistently endure the hardships, trials and difficulties that ensure success. There is no failure for those determined to win, who retain their courage, their self-faith, their self-respect, and their character. Failure turns to victory, and disappointment to success. The only failure you should fear is failing to do that which is right.

ImageWill Van Wingerden