C.S. Mott provided these pointers for executives in a 1922 edition of Forbes Magazine. Although written long ago, the advice is valuable for leaders from all walks of life.

C.S. Mott said, “Devote careful attention to training other men to shoulder and properly discharge responsibilities. When you get towards the top, or to the top, organize yourself out of a job. Encourage your best co-workers to reach out for greater responsibilities.

Don’t look over other’s shoulders every moment of the day to see what they are doing. Give them scope. Give them latitude. Encourage them to think for themselves. Encourage them to develop initiative. Don’t pounce on them when they make mistakes; sit down and reason things out with them so that, while they won’t make the same mistake again, they won’t be afraid to exercise originality again lest they might make another mistake.”

Source: C.S. MottForbes, December 9, 1922 [Page 242]