There is a power that wields, unites and forces together, overwhelms and crushes every obstacle that dares oppose its strength. It is a power that has founded empires, established principles, dethroned kings and tyrants, a power that has thrown aside all skepticism and doubt, its reason and force gains all men, it unites them into a solid fighting machine.

This power has been the founder and protector of all human liberties. Rightly used it may establish the highest and noblest expressions of the human race, wrongly used and it may stifle truth and justice; assassinate progress and liberty. It is a power that is invincible, its overwhelming strength is beyond all imagination.

This power if used effectively by the working class will arouse and unite every worker to his power and strength. He will cease to be a slave and instead become a rebel, he will cease to beg charity but demand justice, he will breathe in a higher and nobler atmosphere.

You alone with your puny efforts are helpless, compared to this gigantic power hopelessly incomparable, this is a power that knows no comparison, a power that neither gives nor asks quarter, this power is ORGANIZATION.

Source: Carl Ulonska, in Everett Commonwealth