There once was a girl who was so depressed and discouraged from focusing on her appearance and seemingly “unattractive features” that she was on the verge of insanity.

She was extremely sensitive, very proud, and she would agonize for days when she wasn’t invited to a party or event with her more “attractive” friends.

Eventually, one of her friends came to her assistance and told her that she could develop qualities that would make her far more attractive and popular than the physical beauty and grace that she so desired.

With this kind friend’s assistance she completely reversed her opinion of herself. She turned her life around, and instead of over-emphasizing mere physical grace and beauty, instead of thinking of herself as ugly and repulsive, she constantly held the thought that she was an expression of God’s mind, that there was something divine in her, and that she was determined to bring it out.

She ignored every suggestion that she could possibly be unpopular or ugly, and held persistently in her mind the image of herself as a popular and attractive girl, and she focused on the idea that she could make herself interesting and even fascinating.

She wouldn’t allow herself to entertain the idea that she could be anything but attractive, and she began to improve herself intellectually, in every way possible.

Until now she had been careless of the way she dressed and disregarded her manners because she believed that no matter how she dressed or what she did, she would still be unpopular.

She began to dress in flattering clothes and spoke positively. She read the best authors, studied different subjects and decided that she would use every opportunity to make herself as interesting as possible.

The result was, instead of being a wallflower, as she was before, she began to attract little groups around her wherever she went.

She became a fascinating talker, and made herself so interesting in every way that she was invited out just as often, if not more, than the more attractive girls she used to envy. In a short period of time she not only overcame her perceived “ugliness”, but she also became the most interesting girl in her community.

Her work was not easy, but she stuck to it with superb resolution and the grit necessary to overcome the things which held her down, and in her determined effort to overcome her perceived “ugliness”, she was able to develop qualities which more than compensated for the personal beauty she believed she lacked.

It is amazing how we can transform our life when we focus on the thing we wish to become and work tirelessly to achieve it. A positive thought has the marvelous power to attract what it is we desire, and gives us the confidence to create in reality, that which we see in our mind.