This bird’s eye view shows the grounds of Buffalo’s Pan-American Exposition in 1901. The Pan-American Expo was a World’s Fair held in Buffalo, New York from May 1 through November 2, 1901. The fair covered 350 acres of land on the western edge of Delaware Park, extending from Delaware Ave to Elmwood Ave and northward to Great Arrow Avenue.

The map was originally printed by the Courier Company of Buffalo, New York to be sold at the world fair. Harry Fenn, a prominent 19th century landscape illustrator, drew the image based on drawings by Carrere & Hastings, the premier Beaux-Arts architecture firm at the time.

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View of Buffalo’s Pan American Expo in 1901

Landmarks on the map include The Court of Fountains, The Grand Canal and the Triumphal Bridge. The Grand Canal was a mile long waterway encircling the expo that was used to take tourists on gondola tours of the fair grounds.

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