This series of Hempstead Lake State Park pictures come from postcards created in the 1950’s. The description of Hempstead Lake State Park read as follows:

Bridle Path, Hempstead Lake State Park

Hempstead Lake State Park is one of the State Parks under the jurisdiction of the Long Island State Park Commission. Distance from New York City, 21 miles on the Southern State Parkway. A five mile bridle path winding around the lake and through the woodlands is the principal feature of this park. There are also playgrounds, picnic areas with benches, tables and fireplaces, carousel, tennis courts, archery range, football, soccer and baseball fields, a small lake for model yacht sailing and refreshment stands where foodstuffs and soft drinks may be purchased.

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Model Yacht Basin, Hempstead Lake State Park

The lake remains, but today it is used more for fishing than model boats. Click here to purchase a reproduction of this vintage postcard. In the image below you can see an old parking lot on what is now Peninsula Boulevard.

Historically, Hempstead Lake was one of the top fisheries on Long Island, and now is home to 20 tennis courts, children’s playgrounds, basketball courts, bridle trails for horse back riding, biking and hiking trails, shaded picnic areas and a historic hand carved wooden carousel.

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