This map of Shenandoah, Pennsylvania was first published by Thaddeus Mortimer Fowler in 1897. Fowler (1842 – 1922) was an American cartographer who spent much of his life creating beautiful hand drawn maps of American towns.

The map features beautiful drawings of old Shenandoah landmarks including Shenandoah Electric Illuminating Company, The Old Reliable Refowich Clothier, Watson House, the Residence and Restaurant of M. Peter, and multiple churches.

Other locations on the map include Ferguson’s Opera House, Indian Ridge, Turkey Run, and Merchant’s Hotel.

Click here to see the map of Shenandoah, PA from 1897.

This map of Shenandoah, PA has been lovingly restored by the team at KNOWOL. Reproductions of the restored map are available on museum quality, archival paper to ensure that this piece of Shenandoah history can be passed on to the next generation. Click here to get yours.