This historical map of NYC shows the downtown district of Manhattan and the events that happened there in the early years of the greatest city on Earth.

The map was first printed in 1939 and sold in NYC gift shops to tourists and New Yorkers alike. The map lists the location of Manhattan’s first printing press in 1693, the Great Fire of 1835, and scenes from the American Revolutionary War.

NYC Fun Facts on the Map

  • Battery Park, completed in 1872, was filled in by land and named after the coastal artillery, or “Land Battery” in front of the fort.┬áThe Land Battery was erected in 1693 because guns in the fort were mounted too high.
  • George Washington left Manhattan on December 4, 1783 after bidding farewell to officers at Fraunces Tavern.┬áThe tavern remains open today.
  • First Dutch Houses were built along “Perel” street which was close to the old water line.
  • Captain Kidd’s had a waterfront home in Manhattan.

The map was created by Arthur Zaidenberg and carefully restored by KNOWOL. Reproductions are available here.

Click here to see a high resolution scan of the map.

Reproductions of the map are available here.