Too many are governed by the bare appearance of things, the false glare and tinsel-show of life. When someone looks upon a shining substance or metal, and without thought or examination takes it for gold, many are deceived by this mere superficial knowledge of men and things. This maxim is designed to put such on their guard, teaching them that though the outside cup be clean, the inside may be very filthy; and though sepulchers be white and beautiful outwardly, they are within, full of dead men’s bones and uncleanliness.

A watch may have a beautiful external face, while the machinery within is very defective and poorly adjuster.

A person may be finely decorated, of a beautiful form, and a very captivating appearance, yet the mind be uncultivated and unadorned, without principle, virtue or religion. Such is like a flower without perfume, like a body without a soul. Many illustrations may be given, but the above is sufficient to teach the careless and superficial observer the importance of examination, analysis and research, both pertaining to men and things.

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